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Did not realize that VPS (Virtual Private Server) has been made so easy and so inexpensive. Last week, when reading the book “Deep Work“, suddenly realized that I am out of school, and again be free to write my ideas publicly. However, the static pages hosted using markdown is kind of less efficient and hard (easy to forget) to include meta information. An inexpensive VPS (with static IP) can be a better choice. Find a good VPS has been an task in my list… until I remembered it, and googled, and saw the amazon lightsail.

A really lifesaver, log in with amazon count, a few clicks, here it is. I have a new wordpress blog with static IP. Find the user name and password for the wordpress takes some time: user name is user, password is in the VPS: login to your vps via SSH, and the pwd is stored in the file called bitnami_application_password.

Here we go, changed to some simple theme, write some intro (hesitate to put my resume here), and wrote the first post. Done.

Happy Fourth of July!



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