2020 September Expense

This month’s expense is back to normal, overall 8k spending

  • Home: 4k, this is the fixed, refinance closing is on the way
  • Utilities: $64, after overpaid around 2k, only internet and phone has dues
  • Grocery: 1.2k, mostly from weee and costco
  • Shopping: 1.4k, a laptop for my parent, and some PC parts, a standing table, and a nvme 1tb…
  • Kids: $40, small toys, no dancing class this month
  • Restaurant: $200,
  • Cars: $60, gas and parking at airport
  • MISC Expense
    • $2.5K gift card for MS: $1k costco, $1.5k amazon;
    • $700, donation
  • Recurrent Subscriptions: $42, including ring, disney+, amazon music, aws, amazon freetime, PBS kids, AMZ show time

Investment gain is much less than august now 🙂

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